Oct 102010

I started thinking about this playlist the other day, but put it on hold when I received an email that my USB cassette deck delivery was imminent. The deck arrived looking perfectly good, but it turned out to have a failing motor. Tapes were running very slow and sounded warbly. I’ll return it for a replacement and hopefully by this time next week, I’m having fun with cassette transfers.

So I pulled out the initial playlist, but this wasn’t until after I watched (and really enjoyed) the animated film ‘9’ the night before. I felt that alot of the imagery in the film fit with the direction the playlist was headed, so I kept on with that theme. And as an added bonus, the film was released last year on 9.9.09. I was really motivated to get the file uploaded on 10.10.10.

This is a great collection of music. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

This collection has been archived. Send me an email if you are interested in hearing it (mike@6forty.com).

640.019 playlist

Codes In The Clouds – Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape
This Will Destroy You – Quiet
Sey Hollo – The Sleepy Taxpayer
The Polar Dream – Leaves In The Sky
Inachus – As The River Grew
Inachus – Three
Jet Plane – Hello I’m The Sun
Lowercase Noises – Rushes
Rumour Cubes – The University Is A Factory
Sey Hollo – A Toxic Toast To Broken Promises

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