May 312012

640.061 is 84 minutes of really great music. I did notice that my vinyl-to-mp3 rips are somewhat quiet on the mix, but I’ve been so busy with work that I didn’t have time to re-record and adjust. This collection sounds best through headphones anyway, so you might not need to adjust the volume too much. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do.

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Memory Drawings – Heptonstall    [00:00]
Inviolet – Rabbit Holes    [03:39]
Shipping News – Dogs    [08:05]
Adam Pierce – Pleasing Reasons For Believing    [10:25]
Sonora Pine – Snow’s Cut Snapshot    [15:52]
3epkano – Everybody Is Already Down Below    [24:12]
Rachel’s – First Self-Portrait Series    [30:54]
The Declining Winter – Hey EFD    [34:35]
Mender – Plough The Tide    [36:22]
MinionTV – Vi    [40:06]
Dorena – In The House Where I Grew Up    [44:34]
Lights Dim – Parades    [51:42]
Tara Jane ONeil – Prick    [56:02]
Woodworkings – Cloud Draped    [59:50]
Ghosts Wear Clothes – L’insurrection Qui Vient    [63:30]
The Best Pessimist – Two Against All    [71:13]
Memory Drawings – The Canal’s Drowning Black – Memory Drawings and Rachel Grimes    [77:29]
Rachel’s – Second Family Portrait    [79:59]

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May 142012

‘Now Jennie has everything. She is the finest leading lady The World Mother Goose Theatre ever had. Jennie is a star. She performs every day and twice on Saturday. She is content. Once Jennie sent her old master a letter. This is what it said:


As you probably noticed, I went away forever. I am very experienced now and very famous. I am even a star. Every day I eat a mop, twice on Saturday. It is made of salami and that is my favorite. I get plenty to drink too, so don’t worry. I can’t tell you how to get to the Castle Yonder because I don’t know where it is. But if you ever come this way, look for me.


This collection is dedicated to the memory of Maurice Sendak. His writing and artwork were such a big part of my young life, and I’m so pleased that my daughters are also growing up with his stories. I have included a separate PDF featuring drawings that they did this week to go along with this post. Please visit the Maurice Sendak Wikipedia post for a rather extensive overview of his life as an artist, illustrator, and writer.

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Bye Horus – Ave Coloniale!   [00:00]
Powder! Go Away – That Is What Everybody Fears And Wants   [07:49]
New Century Classics – A Small Misunderstanding   [12:35]
Beyond This Point Are Monsters – Plain Song   [16:35]
The American Dollar – Heavy Eyes Ignite   [19:46]
Explosions In The Sky – The Long Spring   [23:52]
His Name Is Alive – Drive The Dreamy Demon Down   [29:20]
His Name Is Alive – Lake (Theme For Sweet Hearts)   [32:53]
Hood – Your Ambient Voice   [35:35]
Mogwai – Now You’re Taken   [42:33]
Roy Montgomery – Down From That Hill And Up To The Pond   [49:28]
Last Lungs – 66   [55:47]
Milhaven – DRZ   [58:15]
Caspian – Sycamore   [74:38]

640.060 playlist.pdf

Sendak-inspired art.pdf

[Maurice Sendak, Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More To Life, 1967, HarperCollins Publishers]

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