Aug 042013

Every year, I compile a 6forty collection that features the music that was in my ears while beach front with my family at the Outer Banks (South Nags Head, NC, mile post 19.5). I ended up working a bit more than I had anticipated, and several of those sessions were long – I found myself queuing this playlist repeatedly while I stared at my laptop screen. I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the mix as much as I do. It’s 102 minutes of perfect rock music.

Please support the bands by buying their records and going to their shows. Click on each band name for more info. All of the songs on 640.076 were either offered as free downloads, or were purchased legitimately.

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Lavinia – New Blood    [00:00]
In Violet – We’re All Dying, Says Sylvia    [05:33]
Set and Setting – Spiraling Uncertainties    [10:32]
jakeL – We Forgave It All    [18:12]
Vasudeva – Ritual / In Lieu Of Youth    [23:43]
Damascus – Heights    [29:33]
North End – Gabardine    [38:10]
Psychojet – Epic Succeed    [41:59]
The Jezebel Spirit – Baby’s Gonna Die, Don’t Get Rich    [45:38]
La Fin du Monde – Saint of Killers    [52:48]
Emphasis – Sun Falls Earth Rises    [58:50]
The Coma Recovery – Illuminator    [67:21]
Kafka – Rewind Part 2    [75:34]
Mandelenda – Nomuras’ Bloom    [81:10]
Overhead, The Albatross – Think, Thank, Thunk.    [86:55]
Coma Cloud/Crows Labyrinth – Sunrise Finale    [96:07]

640.076 playlist.pdf

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