Feb 202012

Timothy was still marvelling at the dark circling birds when the first tornado landed. Jolted from her own quiet reveries, Lightening Paw lifted her nose from a bruised daffodil and sniffed the troubled air with determined inquisitiveness. “Quick Timothy, under the dock with you,” she barked hoarsely, padding swiftly in Timothy’s direction while frantically gesturing at the approaching funnel cloud with one outstretched paw. The sky was already darkening, the warm autumn sunbeams rapidly being swallowed by a huge spiralling cloud of uprooted trees, their mighty trunks flailing helplessly…

(front cover text – ‘Pretty Little Lightening Paw’ by Thee Silver Mountain Reveries)

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Thee Silver Mountain Reveries – More Action! Less Tears!   -0:00-
Hrsta – …And We Climb   -5:15-
Le Fly Pan Am – Partially Sabotaged Distraction   -11:35-
Exhaust – Wool Fever   -15:56-
Indian Summer – Birth   -20:54-
Fourteen Nights At Sea – The Climb   -24:08-
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – Calligraphy   -30:40-
Exilym – Transmission.N511   -39:40-
Caspian – Book IX   -42:15-
Oak – I’m (Not) Dying   -48:00-
Godspeed You Black Emperor! – Sleep   -56:27-
Set Fire To Flames –  deja, comme des trous de vent, comme reproduit   -79:27-

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