Mar 072012

It now became apparent (despite the lack of library paste)
that something had happened to the vicar;
guns began to go off in the distance.

At twilight, however, no message had come from the asylum,
so the others retired to the kiosk,
only to discover the cakes iced a peculiar shade of green
and the tea-urn empty
save for a card on which was written the single word:
Farewell. *

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Waking Aida – That’s Not My Trick, Michael   -00:00-
You Slut! – Magnifiererer   -05:50-
Rumour Cubes – Triptych   -09:38-
Alpha Male Tea Party – Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich   -16:13-
Vasudeva – Back To The Feeding Ground   -21:23-
We Arrive Alive – Walls   -25:16-
North End – G-13   -29:54-
The Silence Of A Whisper – Happy And Sad Times   -34:20-
Eno – Ser Roen   -40:05-
Whale Fall – Swagger   -47:30-
Sky Flying By – The Longer the Fall   -54:16-
3epkano – Distant Outings   -59:32-
Arsiesys – Why Do you Leave Me So Soon?   -64:07-
Sleepmakeswaves – A Gaze Blank And Pitiless As The Sun   -71:28-

640.056 playlist.pdf


* Edward Gorey ‘The Object-Lesson’ ©1958 Doubleday & Company, Inc.

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