Mar 312012

‘These fancies, and such as these, have always given to my meditations among the mountains, and the forests, by the rivers and the ocean, a tinge  of what the every-day world would not fail to term the fantastic. My wanderings amid such scenes have been many, and far-searching, and often solitary; and the interest with which I have strayed through many a dim deep valley, or gazed into the reflected Heaven of many a bright lake, has been an interest greatly deepened by the thought that I have strayed and gazed alone. What flippant Frenchman was it who said, “Solitude is a lovely thing, but you need someone else to tell you so?” The epigram cannot be gainsayed; but the necessity is a thing that does not exist.’

So blended bank and shadow there,
That each seemed pendulous in air.

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Moonlit Sailor – Fresh Snow   -00:00-
Do Make Say Think – Say   -05:28-
The Fierce And The Dead – On VHS   -18:08-
Fighting Kites – Mustard After Dinner   -22:45-
Deadhorse – No Particular Night Or Morning   -30:35-
Broken Cities – Homage   -37:18-
Canyons Of Static – Challenger   -42:24-
Jet Plane – Every Possible And Endless Way   -52:40-
One Hour Before The Trip – Yen   60:38-
[The] Slowest Runner [In All The World] – We, Burning Giraffes   -63:38-
Adolf Plays The Jazz – Nameless   -73:02-
Sunlight Ascending – Vanil/Requiescat   -77:51-

[Edgar Allan Poe, ‘The Island of the Fay,’  June, 1841]

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