Sep 152012

Outer Banks, North Carolina. August 2012

Early mornings on the deck, looking out over the beach and water, with the sunrise on the horizon, and fine tunes in my ears – such a nice way to start each day. This set of music was compiled to remind me of those lovely days. I hope you enjoy 640.066 as much as I do. Thank you for listening!

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Pg.lost – Spirits Stampede    [00:00]
Administration Shock Him – II    [06:32]
Powder! Go Away – the Universe Is A Huge Black Square    [14:00]
Katerwaul – February    [19:40]
Lights At Sea – Bateau    [25:51]
Joy Wants Eternity – Dark Heart Of The King    [30:17]
Caspian – Halls Of The Summer    [37:44]
Soup – Leaving The Harbour    [42:56]
The Polar Dream – Last Day, Last Breath    [47:28]
Watered – Monochrome Nights    [53:00]
Awoke – Nova    [61:50]
I Spell It Nature – The Wind At My Back    [67:37
Near Light – In Darkness, You Were My Light    [75:00]

640.066 cover phot0 by Maria Kegg.

640.066 playlist.pdf

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