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Here we all choose a different way and different rules to disobey.

Birds: Where are we?
There’s no understanding in this
Valley of Understanding.

Hoopoe: Here we must pay
close attention. We are following a
path. No one knows how long we
have to go forward or how far.

Do you know the story of the bird
who lost his way? And nobody
was looking for him?
He turned into stone…and cried.
He cried little pebbles…

If all the heavens with all their stars
exploded in this valley, they would
be but a leaf fluttering in the wind.
Here a tiny fish is mightier than
a whale and nobody can say why.

The astrologer bird traces all
the constellations and planets on
his tablet of sand.
Then the wind picks up and…
scatters his design to dust.

How solid is our world…
and yet it is nothing but grains
of sand.

The Conference of the Birds, ©2011 by Peter Sís, The Penguin Press

Thanks to Guillaume from Exilym for offering this song in advance of its release so it could be used to anchor this collection. Please be sure to follow Exilym on Facebook and Twitter.

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Exilym – Where Only Dust Remains    [00:00]
Swans – Warm    [06:56]
Líam – III    [11:32]
Flying Saucer Attack – The Sea    [18:54]
Mogwai – 1% Of Monster    [25:20]
Hood – The Fact That You Failed    [28:41]

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