Feb 232014

A wall of sound with flutes and strings
Rising on a wave of voices
Surrounded by your humble faith
Morning’s there to wake us in time, rain and sky

The world is breathing, living
But turning in its rage

When summer returns to its warm green fields
Everything slows
The sun fading, pastel in the breeze
Everything slows

The swallow swooping, migrating home
Everything slows…

Gems from my vinyl archive. Enjoy!


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Stereolab – The Light That Will Cease To Fail  [00:00]
The Wedding Present – Niagara  [03:23]
Crispy Ambulance – Bardo Plane  [07:30]
Pale Saints – A Revelation  [11:02]
Moose – Boy  [13:41]
Dif Juz – Cs  [17:20]
Lowlife – Given To Dreaming  [22:22]
Modern English – Dawn Chorus  [26:00]
Breathless – Is It Good News Today?  [30:37]
A Primary Industry – Gush  [35:27]
Cocteau Twins – Great Spangled Fritillary  [37:40]
The Wolfgang Press – That Heat  [41:42]
Ultra Vivid Scene – Medicating Angels  [46:05]
Lush – Monochrome  [54:19]

640.082 playlist.pdf

Excerpt from ‘Dawn Chorus’ by Modern English. Published by Beggars Banquet Music Ltd / Momentum Music Ltd.

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