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Title: Encyclopédie d’histoire naturelle; ou, traité complet de cette science d’après les travaux des naturalistes les plus éminents de tous les pays et de toutes les époques
Authors: Chenu, Jean Charles, 1808-1879; Desmarest, E. (Eugène), 1816-1890
Publisher: E. Girard et A. Boitte (Paris)
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries

All of the songs on 640.016 were either purchased legitimately or were offered for free. For more information about the music featured on this collection, please click on the band names in the list below.



Moonlit Sailor – 1994 (0:00)
Gifts From Enola – Lionized (4:20)
Gifts From Enola – Dime And Suture (12:35)
Exilym – One More Step Before The End (18:36)
Goonies Never Say Die – This One Took Forever (24:29)
Moonlit Sailor – Waterfall (30:40)
Saxon Shore – Isolated By The Secrets Of Your Fellow Men (35:06)
Caspian – ASA (42:16)
Beyond This Point Are Monsters – It’s Beige (49:33)
Kinski – That Helmut Poe Kid’s Weird (58:39)

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