Sep 252010

The songs featured on this collection are taken from the various projects released over the years by Tara Jane ONeil, Dan Littleton, and Elizabeth Mitchell. My wife and I have been fans for a long time, and love the fact that our daughters are now also listening (Abby’s first concert was Elizabeth Mitchell at the World Cafe!). It was so hard to narrow down the playlist since every record is so great, so I decided that this will be just the first of several podcasts to feature these bands. Here are 14 mellow acoustic amazing songs that you’re going to love. Buy these records and support these bands so they can continue making such great music.

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640.018 playlist

Tara Jane ONeil – You Rats Are
The Ida Retsin Family – Sad Song Wisconsin
Retsin – The Moon Fickle
Retsin – Money Song
Elizabeth Mitchell – Little Wing
Liquorice – Keeping The Weekend Free
Tara Jane ONeil – Known Perils
Sonora Pine – Long Ago Boy
Nanang Tatang – Booster Shot
Daniel Littleton – Stared and Laughed
Elizabeth Mitchell – If You Listen
Retsin – We Are The Rings
Ida – Encantada
Ida – Don’t Get Sad


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