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6forty’s goal is to be a comprehensive on-line resource for independent music, spreading the good word to as many ears as possible. As long as listeners are streaming and buying the releases that they read about on 6forty’s various social media feeds, or hear on a 6forty mix-tape or on the radio stream, my efforts have been a success. So when it comes to selecting favorites from 2020, I’ll leave that decision up to you. Listed below are 60 brilliant records (including a few collections/series) that have been on heaviest rotation at 6forty HQ throughout the year (release date order). Follow the links (click on the band names), press play, click buy, and most importantly, spread the word about the music that you love, and encourage others to do the same. Even if you can’t afford to pay for releases, a simple social media post can be an invaluable benefit to the bands. Thank you!

juneau  ’20/20′ by Juneau (Belgium) released January 5, 2020
holy_fawn  ‘The Black Moon’ by HOLY FAWN (United States) released January 17, 2020
glories  ‘Distant After’ by Glories (United States) released January 24, 2020

caspian  ‘On Circles’ by Caspian (United States) released January 24, 2020
besides   ‘Bystanders’ by Besides (Poland) released January 27, 2020
fleet   ‘Circumnavigate’ by Fleet goes North (Hungary) released January 25, 2020
kepzelt  ‘Samizdat’ by Képzelt Város (Hungary) released February 14, 2020
oiseaux  ‘TLAMESS (Sortilège) O.S.T’ by OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE (France) released February 14, 2020
allshallbewell   ‘ZWARTGROEN’ by All shall be well (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well) (the Netherlands) released February 20, 2020
skrea   ‘Skrea’ by Skrea (Sweden) released February 6, 2020
hubris   ‘Metempsychosis’ by hubris. (Switzerland) released March 13, 2020
whalefall   ‘It Will Become Itself’ by Whale Fall (United States) released March 27, 2020
RO   ‘ATHALASE’ by RO (Spain) released March 27, 2020
astodan   ‘Bathala’ by Astodan (Belgium) released April 3, 2020
theysayweresinking   ‘Tidal Garden’ by They Say We’re Sinking (United States) released April 3, 2020
desbot   ‘Occult Tapes’ by Desbot (New Zealand) released April 3, 2020
mighty   ‘Remnants’ by The Mighty Missoula (United States) released April 3, 2020
vasudeva   ‘Generator’ by Vasudeva (United States) released April 10, 2020
barrens   ‘PENUMBRA’ by Barrens (Sweden) released April 10, 2020
sleeping   ‘Vorokhtah’ by Sleeping Bear (Ukraine) released April 21, 2020
mogwai   ‘ZEROZEROZERO’ by Mogwai (UK) released May 1, 2020
asunamissa   ‘Black Rain (I)’ by A-Sun Amissa (UK) released May 1, 2020
stillmotions   ‘Mirrors’ by still motions (United States) released May 1, 2020
amenra   ‘A FLOOD OF LIGHT Soundtrack’ by AMENRA (Belgium) released May 1, 2020
flies   ‘Final Quiet’ by Flies Are Spies From Hell (UK) released May 4, 2020
ofthevine   ‘Left Alone’ by Of the Vine (United States) released May 8, 2020
corin   ‘Moira’ by Corin (United States) released May 21, 2020
starofheaven   ‘To our memories’ by Star of Heaven (Sweden) released May 29, 2020
nostra   ‘C O N T R O L’ by T E S A (Latvia) released May 29, 2020
declining   ‘Occupying The Blanks’ by The Declining Winter (UK) released May 30, 2020
helicopter   ‘Runes’ by Helicopter Quartet (UK) released June 1, 2020
tangled   ‘Dread Sessions: Volume 1’ by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving (Australia) released June 5, 2020
bruges   ‘A Thread of Light’ by Bruges (United States) released June 5, 2020
zealand   ‘Brightness of an Endless Light’ by Zealand The North (United States) released June 19, 2020
jardin   ‘Letargo’ by Jardín de la Croix (Spain) released June 19, 2020
hum   ‘Inlet’ by Hum (United States) released June 23, 2020
hopetheflowers   ‘Sonorous Faith PT.1’ by Hope The Flowers (Thailand) released June 28, 2020
sleepmakeswaves   ‘these are not your dreams (EP trilogy)’ by sleepmakeswaves (Australia) released July 17, 2020
pillars   ‘Cavum Reimagined’ by Pillars (United States) released August 1, 2020
intides   ‘Silent Dusk’ by in:tides (UK) released August 3, 2020
collective   ‘The Ground Will Provide’ by A Collective Subconscious (United States) released August 28, 2020
laverite   ‘O’ by La Vérité (United States) released September 2, 2020
alphadu   ‘Paralysis’ by Alpha du Centaure (France) released September 11, 2020
mammal   ‘Captured Spirits’ by Mammal Hands (UK) released September 11, 2020
ihearsirens   ‘Stella Mori’ by I Hear Sirens (United States) released September 18, 2020
ranges   ‘Confusion of Tongues’ by Ranges (United States) released September 30, 2020
wslk   ‘Classical Re:works’ by We Stood Like Kings (Belgium) released October 2, 2020
coastlands   ‘Death’ by Coastlands (United States) released October 9, 2020
bow   ‘BOW’ by BOW (Belgium) released October 9, 2020
emergencyalert   ‘Perimeter’ by The Emergency Alert System (United States) released October 20, 2020
wangwen   ‘100,000 Whys’ by Wang Wen (China) released October 26, 2020
sairen   ‘Vestiges’ by Sairen (France) released November 6, 2020
format   ‘Coryphée’ by Format (France) released November 13, 2020
pglost   ‘Oscillate’ by pg.lost (Sweden) released November 20, 2020
gizeh   ‘We Hovered With Short Wings’ by Gizeh Records (UK) released December 4, 2020
laidellenubi   ‘Dione EP’ by Lai delle Nubi (Italy) released December 11 2020
kompressor   ‘KMPXP’ by The Kompressor Experiment (Switzerland) released December 12, 2020
felperc   ‘different ways’ by felperc (Austria) released December 16, 2020
ascensionist   ‘The Ascensionist‘ series VI – X (United States) released throughout 2020
spceco   SPC ECO 2020 monthly series (UK) released on the first of each month
postponed   ‘Post-poned: The Livestream Series‘ (#postponedseries)

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