Jan 212011


Not all of my old mix tapes were distributed out to friends, I did manage to hold on to several that documented many of my 7″ singles and my EP collection. There are 42 excellent songs represented on 640.030 – the soundtrack of our 1990’s.

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640.030 playlist.pdf

Jessamine – Your Head Is So Small It’s Like A Little Light
Jessamine – Soon The World Of Fashion Will Take An Interest In These Precedings
Polvo – Fractured
Polvo – Tragic Carpet Ride
Magic Hour – Heads Down Part 1
Magic Hour – Heads Down Part 2
Flying Saucer Attack – Standing Stone
Flying Saucer Attack – Soaring High
Jessamine – Cellophane

Windy & Carl – Marble Dream
The Spiny Anteaters – Shut Up!
Hood – The Treacherous Mytholm Steeps
Magnog – Waiting To Remember
Flies Inside The Sun – A Spy In Your Love
Hood – Forehead
Hood – Crow Blown West
Hood – Beware! Falling Ox
Hood – I’m Turning Into A Cart
Hood – Further Woodland
Hood – 20X
Hood – Visions Of Old Machinery
Hood – Sometimes Doomed
Hood – You Should Never Feel Alone In This World
Hood – Crushed By Life

Flying Saucer Attack / Roy Montgomery – Goodbye
Flying Saucer Attack / Roy Montgomery – And Goodbye
Flying Saucer Attack / Roy Montgomery – The Whole Day
Hood – Eyes
Azusa Plane – Eric Gaffney
Furry Things – Odd Shaped Silence
Amp – Moontree

Hovercraft – Zero Zero
Hovercraft – Zero One
Fuxa – City & Metro
Fibreforms – Ecru (Shift)
Owl Eye – Memory Trigger
Fibreforms – April
Waterwheel – The Ice Floes
Roy Montgomery – Trajectory 1
Roy Montgomery – Trajectory 2
Flying Saucer Attack – For Silence
Flying Saucer Attack – Still Point

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