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The hooded man was tall, enveloped in a larger version of the black-and-white robe the girl was wearing. Beneath his cowl all she could see was the faint red glitter of candlelight reflecting off his eyes. “What place is this?” She asked him.

“A place of peace.” His voice was gentle. “You are safe here. This is the House of Black and White, my child. Though you are young to seek the favor of the Many-Faced God.”

“Is he like the southron god, the one with seven faces?”

“Seven? No. He has faces beyond count, little one, as many faces as there are stars in the sky. In Braavos, men worship as they will…but at the end of every road stands Him of Many Faces, waiting. He will be there for you one day, do not fear. You do not need rush to his embrace.”  George R.R. Martin, ‘A Feast For Crows’ copyright 2005

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Orders Of The British Empire – Rebuild With Gunpowder   -00:00-
If These Trees Could Talk – What’s In The Ground Belongs To You   -06:10-
A Time For Burning – You Don’t Look Too Bad (Here’s Another)  -10:24-
Overhead, The Albatross – Forgive Me Not   -15:43-
Last Lungs – Oh, Good Morning   -19:36-
The End Of The Ocean – A Dividing Line   -26:58-
The American Dollar – Bump   -31:09-
Moonlit Sailor – Hope   -34:27-
Waking Aida – Nothing In Me (Disturbs A Thing)   -39:30-
Beyond This Point Are Monsters – 10th Floor   -46:04-
Explosions In The Sky – Have You Passed Through This Night?   -53:21-
Orders Of The British Empire – Freaky Jackson   -60:44-

640.034 playlist

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