Jun 172011

“The lid of the sepulcher had been carved into a likeness of the man whose bones lay beneath, but the rain and the wind had done their work. The king had worn a beard, they could see, but otherwise his face was smooth and featureless, with only vague suggestions of a mouth, a nose, eyes, and the crown about the temples. His hands folded over the shaft of a stone warhammer that lay upon his chest. Once the warhammer would have been carved with runes that told its name and history, but all that the centuries had worn away. The stone itself was cracked and crumbling at the corners, discolored here and there by spreading white splotches of lichen, while wild roses crept up over the king’s feet almost to his chest.”  (George R.R. Martin, A Storm Of Swords, copyright 2000)

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The artwork for this collection is titled ‘Rainstorm’ and was done by my daughter when she was 5. The other day, while compiling the playlist and listening to the bands, I noticed how well it worked with the theme, so I figured that I would use it for #42.

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Labirinto – Reverso  (00:00)
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – American Motor Over Smoldered Field  (13:20)
Industries Of The Blind – The Lights Weren’t That Bright, But Our Eyes Were So Tired  (25:02)
8mm Orchestra – One Small Step (30:36)
Stubborn Tiny Lights vs Clustering Darkness Forever OK – Through Valleys (36:33)
Johnnytwentythree – Red Bird  (57:00)
Mono – Burial At Sea  (63:56)

640.042 playlist.pdf

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