Oct 122011

‘The Extension’ was born in October 2010, and has been on heavy rotation since it first went live on the site. Six epic instrumentals – 60 minutes of excellent music. I hope that you enjoy this collection as much as I do. All of these releases are available to download and/or purchase online. Click on each band name for more info.

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Sunlight Ascending – Out Of This Place II   -00:00-
Years of Rice and Salt – Plankton   -5:21-
Johnnytwentythree – Fall Of Swords   -13:30-
Stubborn Tiny Lights vs Clustering Darkness Forever OK – Riverrun   -28:35-
Our Last Hope Lost Hope – Sosjo 1   -37:05-
Oriin – We Will Rebuild   -49:50-

640.020 playlist.pdf

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