640.2019 || new releases || discoveries

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Dec 312019


640.2019 || new releases || discoveries

Click on the link below to access the PDF. Feel free to share. Thanks!


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. movietone at the beehive .

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Dec 202019


. pittsburgh . pa . us .

00:00 – 05:10 hydra
05:30 – 09:20 noche marina
09:30 – 05:44 1930’s beach house
16:04 – 18:30 star ruby
18:30 – 23:22 year ending
24:20 – 28:12 useless landscape
29:15 – 34:48 the blossom filled streets

. movietone .

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640.2018 || new releases || discoveries || miscellaneous

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Dec 312018


640.2018 || new releases || discoveries || miscellaneous

click on the link below to access the PDF. Feel free to share. Thanks!


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cocteau twins . treasure hiding

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Jun 022018


cocteau twins  |  treasure hiding – a collection

heaven or las vegas
pale clouded white
rilkean heart
the itchy glowbo blow
aikea guinea
carolyn’s fingers
great spangled fritillary
squeeze wax
blue bell knoll
plain tiger
ella megalast burls forever
iceblink luck
treasure hiding

a colony of slippermen production 2008


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seam . pins and needles

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Mar 302018


01 . rafael
02 . sky city
03 . the prize fighters
04 . hey latasha
05 . bunch
06 . the wild cat
07 . atari
08 . pins and needles
09 . decatur
10 . two is enough
11 . berlitz
12 . sweet pea
13 . get higher
14 . road to madrid
15 . haole redux
16 . intifada driving school
17 . stage 2000
18 . in the sun
19 . little chang big city
20 . granny 9x
21 . something’s burning

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640.2017 || new releases || discoveries || miscellaneous

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Dec 312017


640.2017 || new releases || discoveries || miscellaneous

Click on the link below to access the PDF. Feel free to share. Thanks!


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2017 heavy rotation

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Dec 312017


6forty project’s goal is to be a comprehensive on-line resource for independent music, spreading the word to as many ears as possible. As long as listeners are streaming and buying the releases that they read about on the site or on the social media feeds, or hear on a 6forty mix-tape or on the radio stream, my efforts have been a success. So when it comes to selecting favorites from 2017, I’ll leave that decision up to you. Listed below are 50 brilliant records that have been on heaviest rotation at 6forty HQ throughout 2017 (release date order). Follow the links (click on each band name), press play, and most importantly, spread the word about the music that you love, and encourage others to do the same. Even if you can’t afford to pay for releases, a simple social media post can be an invaluable benefit to the bands. Thank you!

At the end of this post is a compiled list of the 2017 weekly releases along with links to all 6forty project social media feeds and radio stream. The weekly releases document includes live links for your convenience – countless hours of music to explore and enjoy. Feel free to download and share the PDF.

<<6forty project’s 2017 heavy rotation>>


Flyingdeadman ’56 seasons’ (released January 5, 2017)






Dayluta Means Kindness ‘When You’re Young You’re Invincible’ (released January 6, 2017)





North End ‘Alpha State’ (released January 10, 2017)






Glories ‘There Is No Stillness’ (released January 20, 2017)






The Swan Thief ‘II’ (released January 20, 2017)






Heron ‘You Are Here Now’ (released January 21, 2017)






Palehorse/Palerider ‘Burial Songs’ (released February 3, 2017)






My Education ‘Schiphol’ (released March 3, 2017)






Sparhawks ‘The Quiet Hour’ (released March 17, 2017)






Bledi Boraku ‘Tha’ (released March 20, 2017)






Appalaches ‘Cycles’ (released March 25, 2017)






Northway ‘Small things, true love’ (released April 1, 2017)






hubris. ‘Apocryphal Gravity’ (released April 3, 2017)






Soup ‘Remedies’ (released April 7, 2017)






Glaswegians ‘Severance’ (released April 7, 2017)






Astralia ‘Solstice’ (released April 22, 2017)






From Oceans to Autumn ‘Ether​/​Return To Earth’ (released May 5, 2017)





Do Make Say Think ‘Stubborn Persistent Illusions’ (released May 19, 2017)





The Chapel of Exquises Ardents Pears ‘TorqueMadra’ (released May 20, 2017)





Sound Architects ‘In Time of Need’ (released June 3, 2017)






Blankenberge ‘Radiogaze’ (released June 30, 2017)






We Came From The North ‘Faded Giant’ (released July 1, 2017)






I/O ‘Anyone, Anywhere’ (released July 7, 2017)






Glacier ‘Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be White As Snow; Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool.’ (released July 7, 2017)





a stick and a stone ‘The Long Lost Art of Getting Lost’ (released July 21, 2017)





Ruin!Ruins! ‘Mammock’ (released August 10, 2017)






Sannhet ‘So Numb’ (released August 25, 2017)






Astrïd & Rachel Grimes ‘Through the Sparkle’ (released September 1, 2017)





Mogwai ‘Every Country’s Sun’ (released September 1, 2017)






Driftless ‘Still’ (released September 3, 2017)






We Stood Like Kings ‘USA 1982’ (released September 22, 2017)






Memory Drawings ‘The Nearest Exit’ (released September 22, 2017)





Godspeed You! Black Emperor ‘Luciferian Towers’ (released September 22, 2017)





Ranges ‘The Ascensionist’ (released September 22, 2017)






This Patch of Sky ‘These Small Spaces’ (released September 22, 2017)





Upcdownc ‘I, Awake’ (released September 22, 2017)






Outlander ‘Downtime b/w Plans’ (released September 27, 2017)






glaston ‘Inhale/Exhale’ (released October 6, 2017)






King Capisce ‘Memento Mori’ (released October 6, 2017)






Esmerine ‘Mechanics Of Dominion’ (released October 20, 2017)






Amenra ‘Mass VI’ (released October 20, 2017)






Echotide ‘Into The Half Light’ (released October 29, 2017)






Aidan Baker/Simon Goff/Thor Harris ‘Noplace’ (released November 10, 2017)





Merkabah ‘Million Miles’ (released November 10, 2017)






Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream ‘Requiem’ (released November 18, 2017)





Seas of Years ‘Three Horizons Away’ (released November 20, 2017)





Drawing Hills ‘Bunch of Bushes’ (released November 24, 2017)






Teller ‘Strive Recess Echo’ (released November 24, 2017)






Visionary Hours ‘Beyond the White’ (released December 11, 2017)





Pillars ‘Of Salt and Sea’ (released December 15, 2017)





<<6forty project links>>

twitter  ::  facebook  ::  web  ::  mike@6forty.com  ::  youtube  ::  instagram  ::  radio


new releases & discoveries 2017 (click for PDF)


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50.8695° N, 3.8107° E

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Oct 092017


|| 640.090 || 50.8695° N, 3.8107° E ||

<<this collection is now off-line>>

Delirious Things by Aidan Baker & Claire Brentnall
Nonland by Aidan Baker & Karen Willems
Noplace by Aidan Baker/Simon Goff/Thor Harris (one track)
Smudging [PWYC] by Aidan Baker & Richard Baker
Scarpe Sensée by Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa
WERL by Aidan Baker & Tomas Järmyr
Alam al-Mithal
A-Sun Amissa
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Natural Snow Buildings
Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles
Sparrows Swarm And Sing
The Azure Vault
The Rustle of the Stars
The Saint Moving Hills

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North End ‘Alpha State’

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Jan 122017


2013 was an outstanding year for melodic instrumental rock releases. Our ears were treated to gems from Waking Aida (‘Hyperdiamond/Allergic’), Wiltz (‘Sea Dog’), Vasudeva (‘Life in Cycles’), Signal Hill (‘Chase the Ghost’), Enemies (‘Embark, Embrace’), and North End (‘Cognoscere’). Each record delivered intricately buoyant tracks, shifting time signatures, sharp u-turns, driving rhythms, and layers of chiming guitars. Follow-up releases from a few of the bands have either landed already (including Signal Hill’s brilliant ‘Alturas’) or will be arriving in 2017. One that I’ve been eagerly awaiting is ‘Alpha State’ from North End. When they reached out the other day with the offer of an advance listen, I was quick to agree and looked forward to play #1 once we were through the wonderful chaos of the holidays. As I expected, ‘Alpha State’ doesn’t disappoint. This blissfully-melodic whirlwind offers the pop-goodness of mid-period Wedding Present, the lush dynamics and forward-movement of 4AD’s Dif Juz, along with the angular rhythms and loops/sways of their contemporaries in the instrumental math-rock scene. The songs have a lighter touch than found on 2013’s ‘Cognoscere’ – the production focuses on the interplay between the guitars, while rhythm perfectly supports the movement with (at times) a more relaxed jazzy tempo. From start to finish, ‘Alpha State’ exhibits the confidence and maturity that develops after a band has been playing together for a long time (check out their press release below to learn more about the band’s history). This release isn’t just ‘Cognoscere’ part 2 – it’s growth and exploration, built upon the core North End-sound that we’ve enjoyed for nearly 10 years. A brilliant release that is highly recommended for all ears. ‘Alpha State’ is available now, so dig in and spread the word! For your listening pleasure, click on the arrow below to hear one of my favorite tracks from the record – Emergence. The full album stream, along with digital purchase/download is available on the North End Bandcamp page –> https://northend.bandcamp.com/album/alpha-state. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for news about upcoming shows.


Philadelphia, PA (January 2017) – North End started in 2008 near Philadelphia, PA and much has changed since those early days. The Alpha State story is a reflection on how the band has evolved over the last 3+ years, from playing sporadic shows in the NY/PA area to moving around the country to becoming one of those bands that does the long distance writing thing. Previously, the band lived within 20 miles of each other, making it convenient to play local shows frequently, write songs, record, and conduct general band business. Now, Marcus (bass) lives in Denver, Russ (guitar) travels frequently for work, KB (drums) just had a daughter, and Pete’s (guitar) career has really excelled. Even longtime recording collaborator Kam (keys) worked on Alpha State in his RV at Yellowstone National Park. Life changes quickly, in a positive way, if you let it, and Alpha State is a culmination of these changes manifesting into the style of music we love to write, play and share.

As a result of North End’s remodeling, Alpha State was recorded uniquely as well. Drums were tracked in KB’s basement, guitars, some keys, and bass were tracked at Pete’s house, mixes were generated by Kam while still in an RV in Yellowstone and tracks were mastered by Paul Gold of Salt Mastering in Greenpoint Brooklyn. If you listen to the closing moments of “Imperial” you can hear the faint sound of rain captured by a single microphone in the park as Kam wrapped up the final edits during mixing. This array of locations and perspectives triggered boundless creativity but still kept Alpha State flowing cohesively.

Alpha State is available through the Brooklyn-based AM 800 Sound, an independent music collective bringing together like-minded bands. Limited 12” vinyl of Alpha State will be pressed and features the artwork of fellow label-mate Rishi Arora of Signal Hill. Following the wide release and distribution of Alpha State, North End plan to play shows in Philadelphia and New York City in 2017.

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Releases | Discoveries | 2016

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Nov 122016


new releases | recent discoveries | miscellaneous

2016 compiled

new releases 2016.pdf

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