the sky chamber

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Nov 192013

At the center of the Sky Chamber is a reflecting pool of dreamsteel, its surface a perfect unrippled mirror. Four chairs surround it; three are occupied. The magi have little care for the ungifted custom of setting the highest-ranked to gaze upon their inferiors. When so much business is transacted in thought, physical directions begin to lose even symbolic meaning.

Patience takes the open seat, and reaches out to the other three arch-magi. It’s as easy as joining flesh-and-blood hands. Archedons and archedamas pool energies, crafting a joined sigil, an ideogram that fills the room for an instant with the thought-shape of four names:


The names are meaningless, traditional, having nothing to do with the personal qualities of their holders. The fused sigil proclaims the commencement of formal business. The light in the chamber dims in response; the early-evening sky is replaced by a bowl of predawn violet with a warm line of tawny gold at the horizon. Archedon Temperance, seniormost of the four, sends forth:

-We return to the matter of the black contract proposed by Luciano Anatolius of Camorr.-

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Barrows – Apparition by Moonlight   [00:00]
Oak – …and beyond   [06:52]
The Pirate Ship Quintet – Horse Manifesto   [09:55]
[interlude]  Set Fire To Flames – Love Song For 15 Ontario (W Singing Police Car)   [17:13]

The Nightblooms – Butterfly Girl   [20:27]
Caspian – The Heart That Fed   [27:48]
Mogwai – I Am Not Batman   [34:13]
Mogwai – Tuner   [37:45]
[interlude]  Set Fire To Flames – Two Tears In A Bucket   [40:40]

Laura – Visitor   [44:17]
Blueneck – Sirens   [51:27]
[interlude]  Set Fire To Flames – When Sorrow Shoots Her Darts   [57:52]

Mono – Nostalgia   [60:51]
Doomina – Gizmo   [71:20]
Set Fire To Flames – Fading Lights Are Fading Reign Rebuilder (Tail Out)   [80:40]

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