640.2023 || releases || discoveries

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Jan 202024

640.2023 || releases || discoveries

Feel free to download and share. Once again, this was a very busy year with work, which kept me away from my feeds for extended periods. I’m sure that there are records missing from this document. My apologies if your release is not listed – please know that it wasn’t intentional, and you’re welcome to reach out to me (mike@6forty.com) with details so I can add it to my already-growing 2024 list. Thanks!

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2023 heavy rotation

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Jan 062024

6forty project’s primary goal is to be a comprehensive on-line resource for independent music, encouraging people to explore (and buy!) the releases that they read about on the site, or hear on a 6forty mixtape, or on 6forty radio. So when it comes to selecting favorites from 2023, I’ll leave that decision up to you. Listed below are the records that have been on heaviest rotation at 6forty HQ throughout the year (release date order). Follow the links, press play, click buy, and most importantly, spread the word about the music that you love, and encourage others to do the same. Even if you can’t afford to buy the releases, a simple social media post to your friends would be an invaluable benefit to the bands. Thanks! Please stay safe and well. Happy New Year! Michael

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