2019 heavy rotation

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Dec 312019

6forty project’s goal is to be a comprehensive on-line resource for independent music, spreading the word to as many ears as possible. As long as listeners are streaming and buying the releases that they read about on this site or on 6forty’s various social media feeds, or hear on a 6forty mix-tape or on the radio stream, my efforts have been a success. So when it comes to selecting favorites from 2019, I’ll leave that decision up to you. Listed below are 50 brilliant records that have been on heaviest rotation at 6forty HQ throughout the year (release date order). Follow the links (click on each band name), press play, and most importantly, spread the word about the music that you love, and encourage others to do the same. Even if you can’t afford to pay for releases, a simple social media post can be an invaluable benefit to the bands. Thank you!

At the end of this post is a compiled list of the 2019 weekly releases along with links to all 6forty project social media feeds and radio stream. The weekly releases document includes live links for your convenience – countless hours of music to explore and enjoy. Feel free to download and share the PDF.

<<6forty project’s 2019 heavy rotation>>

some_became_hollow_tubes  ‘In 1988 I Thought This Shit Would Never Change’ by Some Became Hollow Tubes (released January 1, 2019)




Black-Flak  ‘It’s Only Permanent’ by Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters (released January 10, 2019)




TEOTO  ‘-aire’ by The End Of The Ocean (released January 18, 2019)




Old-Solar  ‘See’ by Old Solar (released January 18, 2019)





Endless-Dive  ‘Falltime’ by Endless Dive (released January 18, 2019)




Des-Astres  ‘Traxx’ by des Astres (released January 14, 2019)





Long-Hallways  ‘Close Your Eyes To Travel’ by Long Hallways (released January 27, 2019)




Da-Voile  ‘Lilac On The Diary’s Pages’ by Da Voile (released February 1, 2019)




Mono  ‘Nowhere Now Here’ by MONO (released January 25, 2019)




Elcia  ‘1. Awaken The Stars’ by Elcia (released January 25, 2019)




Lai-delle-Nubi  ‘Tueri’ by Lai delle Nubi (released January 21, 2019)




unshaped-form  ‘The Final Score’ by Unshaped Form (released February 2019)




Elephant  ‘Lungs’ by Elephant & Centipede (released February 28, 2019)




Their-Silhouettes  ‘Death Is Rich When Life Is Poor’ by Their Silhouettes Looming (released March 1, 2019)




Wander  ‘March’ by Wander (released March 1, 2019)





SleapingDreaming  ‘Victory Roses’ by SleapingDreaming (released March 8, 2019)




minor-movements  ‘Bloom’ by Minor Movements (released March 15, 2019)




Paint-The-Sky-Red  ‘There is a Tomorrow You Don’t Know’ by Paint The Sky Red (released March 21, 2019)




Pirate-Ship  ‘Emitter’ by The Pirate Ship Quintet (released March 29, 2019)




Town-Portal  ‘Of Violence’ by Town Portal (released April 5, 2019)




Outlander  ‘The Valium Machine’ by Outlander (released April 19, 2019)




Lost-In-The-Riots  ‘Bonds’ by Lost in the Riots (released April 26, 2019)




Astrid  ‘A Porthole (I)’ by astrïd (released May 10, 2019)





Pillars  ‘Cavum’ by Pillars (released May 17, 2019)





HNIC  ‘Animal Choir’ by Her Name is Calla (released May 31, 2019)




Catacombe  ‘Scintilla’ by Catacombe (released June 7, 2019)





Cavallo  ‘Interstices’ by Cavallo (released June 14, 2019)





Often-The-Thinker  ‘Greatest Possible Tenderness’ by Often the Thinker (released July 5, 2019)




Heron  ‘Sun Release’ by Heron (released July 19, 2019)





Glacier  ‘No Light Ever’ by Glacier (released July 22, 2019)




Oh-Hiroshuma  ‘Oscillation’ by Oh Hiroshima (released July 26, 2019)




The-Ascent-of-Everest  ‘Is Not Defeated’ by The Ascent of Everest (released August 16, 2019)




Dutch-Elm  ‘In Hindsight’ by Dutch Elm (released August 24, 2019)




Immanu-El  ‘Structures’ by Immanu El (released September 9, 2019)




A-Sun-Amissa  ‘For Burdened and Bright Light’ by A-Sun Amissa (released September 13, 2019)




PSOTY  ‘Sunless’ by PSOTY (released September 13, 2019)




Sire  ‘Chasing Light’ by Sire (released September 19, 2019)




Tides-From-Nebula  ‘From Voodoo to Zen’ by Tides From Nebula (released September 20, 2019)




Underhand  ‘The Secret History of Nothing’ by underhand (released September 20, 2019)




Ranges  ‘Babel’ by Ranges (released September 30, 2019)





Syberia  ‘Seeds of Change’ by Syberia (released October 4, 2019)




TSS  ‘How Are We to Fight the Blight?’ by The Shaking Sensations (released October 4, 2019)




We-Lost-The-Sea  ‘Triumph & Disaster’ by We Lost The Sea (released October 5, 2019)




Codes-in-the-Clouds  ‘Codes In The Clouds’ by Codes In The Clouds (released October 11, 2019)




Oiseaux  ‘From Somewhere Invisible’ by OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE (released October 18, 2019)




Vaudlow  ‘Vaudlow’ by Vaudlow (released November 1, 2019)




Pray-For-Sound  ‘Waves’ by Pray For Sound (released November 8, 2019)




Kokomo  ‘Totem Youth’ by kokomo (released November 15, 2019)




Powder-Go-Away  ‘Lost happiness’ by powder! go away (released November 25, 2019)




Ciempies  ‘Larvae’ by Ciempiés (released December 23, 2019)




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640.2019 || new releases || discoveries

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Dec 312019


640.2019 || new releases || discoveries

Click on the link below to access the PDF. Feel free to share. Thanks!


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. movietone at the beehive .

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Dec 202019


. pittsburgh . pa . us .

00:00 – 05:10 hydra
05:30 – 09:20 noche marina
09:30 – 05:44 1930’s beach house
16:04 – 18:30 star ruby
18:30 – 23:22 year ending
24:20 – 28:12 useless landscape
29:15 – 34:48 the blossom filled streets

. movietone .

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