Aug 272011

I spent the last two weeks beachfront with my family. As always, it was an outstanding adventure (other than the midnight exit, thanks to mandatory evacuations ahead of hurricane Irene). And of course I listened to a lot of great music while I was there, including records from the eleven bands featured on this latest collection. There’s just something extra perfect about chilling on the deck with a good beer, looking out at the ocean, with these songs filling my ears. I’m really enjoying this playlist – hopefully you will as well. Apologies for the abrupt beginning on the Enemies track, and the brief chirps between two of the other songs. The originals don’t have those flaws, and the problems exist even after I re-compiled the collection a second time. Not going to build it a third time – it takes too long, and Irene is getting closer. I’m pushing to get this online before we lose our power…

Please support the bands by buying their records and going to their shows. All of these releases are available to download and/or purchase online.

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Maserati – We Got The System To Fight The System  -00:00-
Enemies – Nag Champa  -04:13-
Waking Aida – Meanwhile…At Lounge Doom  -09:44-
Vessels – Ornafives  -14:43-
Overhead, The Albatross – Flubirds  -22:37-
They Say We’re Sinking – Gimel (The Wandering)  -30:33-
OdeOnDreams – Feel The Fear  -37:13-
Years Of Rice And Salt – Afterglow / Amongst Your Earthiest Words The Angels Stray  -43:57-
Lowercase Noises – A Whole Garden  -51:32-
Giants – Berlin Rooftop  -56:39-
Do Make Say Think – Ontario Plates  -61:15-

640.044 playlist.pdf

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