the Verge of Wandering

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Mar 192014

“Thus this place became the Verge of Wandering, the northernmost limit of our exile. From this valley, we found our way southward among the mountains, sojourning by decades and centuries among strange and distant lands, living as nomads among peoples who knew nothing of the Land and Fangthane. Perhaps at another time we will speak of such things. For the present, I will say merely that we found no home there. But neither have we returned to the Land.

“Once in each generation, however, we visit the Verge of Wandering. Here we remain for a season, or a year, or for several years, scouting the Land until we have discovered that Fangthane yet lives — that the Land has not yet been healed of evil. Then we depart to wander again.

“For a hundred generations and more, no Ramen has set foot beyond these mountains, except to observe the life of the Land, and to carry word.”

The Runes of the Earth by Stephen R. Donaldson. G.P. Putnam’s Sons (Penguin Group USA) © 2004

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Overhead, The Albatross – Telekenetic Forest Guard  [00:00]
U137 – Midsummer Field  [08:44]
Lights & Motion – Crystalline  [13:32]
Maven – The Hymn Of Her Innocence  [17:33]
Row Boat – Orkan  [23:51]
Beneath The Watchful Eyes – Letters From Zedelghem  [30:11]
Coldbones – The Hands Between Us  [34:43]
There’s a Light – We Choose to go to the Moon  [41:36]
Concords – Heed The Warning; Heed The Call  [45:46]
Líam – VI  [50:40]
Beyond This Point Are Monsters – K-Swiss Army Knife  [55:56]
The End of the Ocean – Verses From Our Captain  [66:16]
Ehgo – Long The Night  [70:15]

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