Nov 282010

This playlist was compiled over the last few days while getting ready for a roadtrip to the northwest to visit a Client. Long hours will be spent on-site, which requires excellent music to get us through the work and the jet lag. I will enjoy looking out over Lake Washington while listening to this collection. The title is from ‘A Game of Thrones’ (George RR Martin) – the very fantastic book that has consumed me while preparing this file.

Eventually I hope to have time to write individual comments about each of the songs, but my days are too busy with work and home – it’s impossible to find the time to write. So take my word for it – these are great songs that live on amazing records. Find them online or at your local record store and spend your money. Please support these bands so they can continue making such excellent music.

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640.024 playlist

Sunlight Ascending – All The Memories, all At Once
Codes In The Clouds – Fractures
Flies Are Spies From Hell – The Great Deadener
Beyond This Point Are Monsters – 206s Whatever
Do Make Say Think – The Landlord Is Dead
Jung People – Paws
Sleepmakeswaves – Keep Your Splendid Silent Sun
Maserati – Bye M’Friend, Goodbye
The Best Pessimist – Autumn Leaves
Caspian – Loft
If These Trees Could Talk – Thirty-Six Silos

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