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The End Of The Ocean :: Pacific•Atlantic
Release date :: March 1, 2011
Label :: Future Recordings

I figured the best way to start this review would be to simply state that if you’re a fan of cinematic post-rock (especially Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You), then Pacific•Atlantic needs to live in your collection. The band is offering a limited package deal that includes a hand-stamped copy of the CD, download codes for this record and the last EP, a shirt, button, and poster – all for only $20 (you’ll find a link to the store below).

I really enjoy this record. It’s wonderfully balanced – the quiet moments are lush and smooth, and the transitions to loud build melodically and with care. I like it best when I listen through headphones – there’s a great deal of restrained power wrapped into the songs on this record, and when you aren’t bothered by sound from the outside world, you can truly appreciate their masterful delivery of a record that is at the same time, both calm and strong. The keyboard and string arrangements are perfectly smooth, the bass and drums (one of my favorite aspects of the record) maintain a consistently steady and relaxed rhythm, and the guitar work is solid. As you listen deep into standout tracks ‘On The Long Road Home,’ ‘May Be For The Better,’ and ‘We Always Think There Is Going To Be More Time,’ you’ll discover an outstanding album that is confident in its reserved strength, and a journey well worth taking. You’ll definitely be hearing songs from this record on an upcoming 6forty podcast. Also, the band is streaming a few songs from the record on their Facebook page – the link is below.


pacific atlantic

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