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The drums were pounding out a battle beat as the Iron Victory swept forward, her ram cutting through the choppy green waters. The smaller ship ahead was turning, oars slapping at the sea. Roses streamed upon her banners; fore and aft a white rose upon a red escutcheon, atop her mast a golden one on a field as green as grass. The Iron Victory raked her side so hard that half the boarding party lost their feet. Oars snapped and splintered, sweet music to the captain’s ears.

He vaulted over the gunwale, landing on the deck below with his golden cloak billowing behind him. The white roses drew back, as men always did at the site of Victorion Greyjoy armed and armored, his face hidden behind his kraken helm. They were clutching swords and spears and axes, but nine of every ten wore no armor, and the tenth had only a shirt of sewn scales. These are no ironmen, Victorion thought. They still fear drowning

…The Drowned God had not shaped Victorion Greyjoy to fight with words at kingsmoots, nor struggle against furtive sneaking foes in endless bogs. This was why he had been put on earth; to stand steel-clad with axe red and dripping in his hand, dealing death with every blow. They hacked at him from front and back, but their swords might have been willow switches for all the harm they did him. No blade could cut through Victorion Greyjoy’s heavy plate, nor did he give his foes the time to find the weak points at the joints, where only mail and leather warded him. Let three men assail him, or four, or five; it made no matter. He slew them one at a time, trusting his steel to protect him from the others. As each foe fell he turned his wroth upon the next.

By then the deck was slick beneath his feet, and the dead and dying lay in heaps on every side. He threw his shield away and sucked in air. “Lord Captain,” he heard the Barber say beside him, “the day is ours.”     (George R.R. Martin, ‘A Feast For Crows’ copyright 2005)

Please support these bands by buying their records and going to their shows. And I would really appreciate it if you would let me know that you’re listening. A note about the artwork – My real job has consumed my time this week, so I wasn’t able to create a cover for this collection. The image above is perfect, and is copyrighted to Raya Golden and George R.R. Martin (all rights reserved).

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Khuda – Antaeus   -0:00-
Swans – Eden Prison   -9:39-
Tesa – Part 37   -15:30-
Auternus – Bipolar   -19:56-
Atlantis – Mata Hari’s Kiss   -26:58-
Grande Duke – Earth-Wire Fire   -34:54-
Brux – Niflheim   -40:03-
Do Make Say Think – Reitschule   -44:44-
Killington Fall – This City Is Covered In Water   -54:02-
Alright The Captain – Honey Badger   -60:30-
Orders Of The British Empire – What Would You Do?   -63:44-

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