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First farmed over 4000 years ago by bronze age settlers, Bodmin Moor is of one the last great unspoiled areas in the South West and much of its prehistoric and medieval past remains untouched by the passing of the centuries.

The Moor is dominated by dramatic granite tors which tower over the sweeping expanses of open moorland. Marshes and bogs on the high moor drain into shallow moorland valleys before the rivers cross onto softer shales around the Moor and carve themselves deep river valleys, providing shelter for rich, damp oak woodland.

Historically, Bodmin Moor was a landscape which engendered fear and awe, but which has also provided inspiration for writers, poets and sculptors. It has generated folklore and legend, with fact and fiction at times blending into one another as tales were passed down over the generations.

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An adventure to the Fox and the Hounds pub on May 8, 2011 allowed a glimpse of Bodmin Moor, one of the many gems of the southwest. Every time I visit Dartmoor, I discover something new and wonderful. It was a perfect day – the celebration of the end of a major work project, a gathering of good friends, beautiful weather, delicious food, and excellent cask-drawn ales.

Once I got back to the hotel, I put together this playlist to remind me of the day. The songs fit perfectly to the landscape…

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Bleaklow – The Sunless Country   (0:00)
And So I Watch You From Afar – Think:Breathe:Destroy   (7:34)
Rumah Sakit – No One Likes A Grumpy Cripple   (12:17)
Kinski – The Wives Of Artie Shaw   (17:25)
Félperc – Chasing False Dreams   (20:42)
Goonies Never Say Die – Monument To A Moment That Never Should Have Passed   (23:43)
Pg.Lost    Pascal’s Law   (29:20)
Years Of Rice And Salt – Portarlington   (37:42)
Thousands – Braille Teeth   (45:52)
Labirinto – Arcabuz   (54:45)

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