May 282011

I was cataloging a box of singles today while listening to Amp and decided that it was time to pull this gem out of the 6forty archive. Please enjoy this collection and then make sure to always look for these releases (primarily on vinyl) when browsing your local indie record stores. They’re rare, and really great.

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Hood – Filmed Initiative  (0:00)
The Declining Winter – Yorkcitythree  (5:34)
Empress – Vodka and the Verlaines  (9:34)
Movietone – Sun Drawing  (14:05)
Flying Saucer Attack – In the Light of Time  (18:02)
Amp – Remember  (22:49)
Crescent – Traces  (27:59)
Third Eye Foundation – Eternity  (33:38)
The Famous Boyfriend – I Regret Everything  (38:06)
Movietone – Useless Landscape  (41:42)
The Declining Winter – My Name in Ruins  (46:34)
Empress – Hey It’s Over  (49:01)
Flying Saucer Attack – She is the Daylight  (52:52)
Hood – You’re Worth the Whole World  (57:08)

640.004 playlist.pdf

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