Feb 092011

ebb and flow

My back yard is covered by several inches of undisturbed snow, topped with a thick layer of ice, from a recent storm. The wind during the initial snowfall positioned the snow into perfect little waves, and these “forms” were frozen by the sleet that followed. At night, the combination of the moonlight and the shifting clouds created shadows that made my ice-stiff yard appear as if it were in constant motion, like the waves on the ocean. Those images inspired me to compile a playlist that was calm, and yet had an inherent feeling of movement. Here are twelve very excellent songs that fit that description perfectly. I hope you find this collection as enjoyable as I do, with or without snow and ice…

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Motionless – Winter Heat    -00:00-
Finglebone – Flogiston    -04:24-
Hrsta – Blessed Are We Who Seem To Be Losers   -08:40-
Ithaca Trio – The Oxen Can Plough, I Will Still Work    -11:47-
If Wishes Were Horses – A Flea Could Carry An Elephant   -15:15-
Invisible Elephant – You Can Have It All   -16:25-
Mender – Retrotoric   -21:31-
Goodnight, Sleep Well – We’re Phantoms In Fifteen    -26:26-
Puffin On My Side – Love Conquers All   -33:00-
Timonium – Californian   -39:22-
Eucalyptus – Nooks & Crannies   -46:45-
MinionTV – Robot Meets Girl   -54:20-

640.032 playlist.pdf

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